Our Approach

Health Care Reform (HCR) aside, Employer healthcare premiums are increasing year over year. The additional fees or taxes levied on the Industry, Insurers, and Plans, particularly fully insured-plans, by HCR, also known as the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, will increase premiums even more. Despite this, and the State Exchanges, the majorityof Employers understand the benefits, and value of providing an Employer-sponsored medical plan. An Employered-sponsored plan was never compulsory before HCR, but Employers rightly wanted to provide the employee benefit for a number of reasons – recruitment, retention, employee productivity, and tax benefits to name a few – so HCR will not change that. However, HCR has changed the Industry forever. Employers now must approach Employee Benefits differently in this “new benefits marketplace”. Employers need to be more Benefits Strategic  in order to continue providing employee benefits and stay competitive. The status quo is not an option.

The Solution

Move forward.  Health Care Reform is here to stay.  It’s time to learn new concepts, and approaches to providing, and managing Employee Benefits.  While there is much uncertainty, there is great opportunity.  There will be great rewards for organizations that embrace this “new benefits marketplace” sooner rather than later.

The new healthcare industry demands a non-conventional approach to meet these more challenging times, and the more complex business needs to today, and tomorrow. the conventional short-term annual renewal benefit adjustments will just continue the status quo, but at a higher cost. Managing benefits with a more long-term and strategic focus is more critical now than ever before. Rather than outsource it by cutting a check and hoping for a small renewal increase next year, businesses need to incorporate their Benefits Strategy into their overall Business Strategy. Businesses need to take control of the benefits process. Control has it’s perks. With control comes information, knowledge, and the ability to make right decisions. Decisions that make sense to your unique organization and ultimately lead to healthier, more productive employees and a healthier bottom line. Our innovative, cost-containment Employee Benefit Solutions and services translate into greater savings for our clients, and their employees.

Our approach stabilizes the unstable, promotes value and sustainabilityfor any Employee Benefits package. A totally “Compliant” Benefits Package that not only stacks up better to your competition, but attracts and retains the right employees as well. Together with our suite of Business Consulting services, such as Health Care Reform, HR, Compliance & Social Media services, we help clients mitigate risks, reduce liabilities, and compete more effectively.

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