Benefits Consulting

Imagine a Better Way

Face it. There are a ton of “insurance brokers” out there, all saying and doing the same things. So why continue to deal with just an “insurance broker”? Take a look at SML and see Benefits from a different perspective. There is a better way.

At SML, our comprehensive and innovative approach yields the greatest results. We attack your business costs on a multiple fronts. In addition to Employee Benefits, we find other areas where we can reduce costs and impact your bottom-line. By doing so, you maximize the value of your Benefits Package. You are better able to control your costs going forward and therefore provide a more stable benefit to your employees. This translates into more goodwill with your employees. Employees will perceive more value, be happier and take home more pay.

Benefit Solutions

For most Employers it is imperative to find a way to maintain high-quality Employee Benefits without breaking the bottom-line. For most Employees medical benefits in particular are as important as wages or salary. The substantial investment in Employee Benefits deserves maximum returns that offer the greatest benefit to your business and your employees.

To aid our clients in this endeavor, we enjoy a close working relationship with a large group of healthcare carriers and administrators. Without a doubt, this is a relationship business and our clients benefit from our strengths in this area.

Your SML team will identify, analyze and recommend “creative options” from these numerous offerings. Our comprehensive and innovative solutions will align with the unique needs of your organization.

We offer a wide range products & services that are tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Medical (Fully/Self-Insured)
  • Dental (Fully/Self-Insured)
  • Vision (Fully/Self-Insured)
  • Group Life/AD&D
  • Supplemental Life/AD&D
  • Short-Term/Long-Term Disability
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Worksite Benefits
  • Group Long-Term Care
  • Third Party Administration (TPA)
  • Section 125 Plans (FSA)
  • Section 105 Plans (HRA/MERP)