Wellness Programs

Reducing healthcare costs is important but properly designed Workplace Wellness Programs go well beyond that. Your most important asset is your employees. And employers understand that investment in promoting successful wellness programs is an effective way to not only reduce healthcare costs, but also increase productivity, improve worker health and reduce absenteeism.

Employees are also more likely to value a company that values them. Employers are then more likely to recruit and retain quality employees.

Wellness programs vary from simple wellness newsletters and gym discounts to weight loss and smoking cessation classes. Implementing a program can be accomplished with simple, low-cost strategies such as the following:

  • Establish a wellness informational campaign
  • Provide wellness seminars on nutrition, physical fitness, diabetes etc.
  • Establish initiatives such as fitness, weight loss, injury prevention and smoking cessation
  • Provide incentives for participation

More involved initiatives will include employee Health Risk Assessments and an overall, company wellness program tied to the employee benefits. The bottom line is to promote employee well-being, and encourage employees to actively participate in the process by taking more preventive measures and adopting healthier lifestyles. A successful Wellness Initiative can boost organizational morale

At SML we believe in the value of Employee Wellness. As your committed partner, we will provide the support, guidance and expertise in helping you design, implement and promote a successful Wellness Program.